In 2019, the developers sought to provide offline content of a virtual reality device. Not only does the helmet have its own dedicated store, but thanks to Oculus Link, all Oculus Rift content is also available on Quest. However, in this top, we will completely focus on the content that was made for this headset, allowing you to enjoy unlimited freedom of VR-games.

Oculus Quest may have come out only seven months ago, but it has already influenced the VR scene. The company’s store is very carefully selected, but there are many video games that are worth your time.

So, we present to you the best games for Oculus Quest 2019:

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

You can clarify that these are as many as three video games in one category, but since each of them lasts about 45 minutes, and you need to play all of them in order to

To unravel the whole story, we decided to put it in one paragraph. Star Wars fans will surely enjoy the incredible fun of playing Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series because its story is canonical. But even those who don’t worry about the franchise will still be passionate about playing lightsabers and using unlimited power.

Beat saber

Beat Saber, of course, can be included here, since there is a separate, completely independent version, made specifically for Oculus Quest. A leading project in its genre, Beat Saber needs a little introduction because its simple but addictive gameplay has hit VR gamers around the world.

There is an interactive selection of included songs plus loading of DLC tracks available to expand the range of beats. Beat Saber is one of those game projects that has become a de facto mastheche in most libraries of gamers, regardless of the platform, and the Oculus Quest version is no different from the original, perhaps more optimized for wireless gaming in virtual reality.

Pistol whip

Another rhythm action video game, this time from Cloudhead Games. Just released in November, Pistol Whip has already earned a pretty good reputation as a non-stop action-packed shooter inspired by games like John Wick.

You can choose to shoot enemies or engage in hand-to-hand combat, dodging their bullets. All this will need to be done in the rhythm of the soundtrack and visual effects. Modifiers help change the gameplay by adding two-handed weapons or removing a target, which helps to increase the number of points earned. If Beat Saber is not exactly your case, then Pistol Whip may well hook you like a first-person shooter (FPS) with its own zest in the form of rhythm.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

A small side project of the developer Apex Construct Fast Travel Games, which is a curious story about stolen pets. The game is a cute puzzle with easy tasks designed for all ages.

While The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a bit short, the design and ideas used in it are definitely worth a try. Each level is a small diorama that needs to be twisted, peered at and explored. A charming and sweet, curious story about stolen pets will make you smile.


Another puzzle-based experience, Gadgeteer is a much more complex affair than other similar games on this list. Gameplay mechanics revolve around Ruby Goldberg’s machines, using a series of gadgets to create complex

ingenious devices. The game involves a single-player campaign. Sandbox mode is where most players will spend all their time, because it is he who provides the freedom of action to create any machines with more than 50 available items.

Not everyone will like Gadgeteer, it will make you become a kind of watchmaker. This is a fastidious, time-consuming and mysterious process at the same time. It is these reasons that make Gadgeteer a jewel among the puzzles for Oculus Quest.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

So far, this list has been purely about VR single-player video games, so let’s change it with Acron: Attack of the Squirrels from Resolution Games. Only multiplayer, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels is the best project for playing with several friends and family, while all play locally.

The Oculus Quest player takes on the role of a tree trying to protect several golden acorns, while everyone else is mischievous squirrels trying to steal them. Non-VR players join the tree player through the free mobile app. Up to eight people can unite at once, offering a very interesting gameplay in which everyone laughs and scream when they succeed or fail.

Shadow point

Even more mysterious adventures, this time from Coatsink with their Shadow Point. With the story of the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, this British studio previously released several excellent VR video games, and Shadow Point continues this trend.

Trying to solve the mystery of the missing schoolgirl, you head to the Shadow Point Observatory. There you will suddenly be taken to heaven, where you will be entrusted with solving increasingly complex puzzles, which are a game with light and shadows.

Shadow Point is a good project that provides solid hours of entertainment (depending on whether you are stuck on another puzzle or not, of course).

Journey of the Gods

If you are looking for a Zelda-like VR experience on Oculus Quest, then you should take a closer look at Journey of the Gods. With the bold cel-shaded style, you can fight big monsters, save people, upgrade weapons and explore the land. It has everything you could want or what you might need for a VR adventure.

The game is ideal for those who want to maximize the possibilities of their new purchase, a project with decent gameplay, storytelling and fantasy.

Thrill of the fight

There are quite a few ways to burn calories in VR, as this list proves very well, and the thrill of battle offers the most intense workout. There are no flashy tricks here, you need to block, monitor your footwork and strike from time to time for maximum effect. Do not wave your arms, hoping for success.

After a couple of fights, you will soon begin to notice that your back is soaked from intense stress. Thrill Of The Fight is a very large video game that relies on room-wide tracking, since you will need a minimum of 2m x 2m to play.

PC VR was originally released in 2016, Thrill Of The Fight was well adapted for those who want to really warm up.

Synth riders

Do you notice any pattern here? Yes, here is another rhythm action video game for those who like to splash out some energy. Synth Riders differs from Beat Saber and Pistol Whip in retro melodies from the 80s.

It might be another way to shake hands, but still very fun. The game has several modes and modifiers that change the mechanics of gameplay.

Synth Riders may not be as well known as two other similar projects, but this is no reason to dismiss it. Plus, this is the cheapest music game out of three.

The long-awaited top! The best Oculus Quest games of 2019

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