On the occasion of the opening of the “Game Industry and Cybersport” faculty on May 27, MEETUP “Cybersport: Supernew Profitable Market for Big Brands” was held at Synergy University. At the press conference, representatives of the media and leading brands had the opportunity to ask questions of interest to current industry practices from among teachers, who are also members of the faculty’s expert staff.

Afterwards, the participants visited a discussion panel held within the framework of “Transformation 6” at VTB Arena, and after it ended, had a personal talk with the speakers during the sessions in the press room on various topics affecting the sphere of eSports.

The composition of the press conference:

  • Alexander Gorbachenko – President of the NGO “Computer Sports Federation of the City of Moscow”. Leading Russian expert in the field of eSports. He took part in the process of forming the legal status of e-sports in Russia, thanks to which on June 7, 2016 the order of the Ministry of Sports was published on the inclusion of Computer Sports in the register of official sports of the Russian Federation;
  • Maxim Dreval is an entrepreneur of the year in the field of education according to EY. Founder and CEO of L2P LIMITED – EdTech international eSports company. Founder of Netology-group. Product Manager at Yandex and Mail.Ru Group;
  • Arthur Zaripov – an expert in the field of business scaling and franchising. Co-founder of the “Gg platform” platform for attracting investments in e-sports and the gaming industry;
  • Pavel Shapkin – founder of the UCC e-sports organization
  • Alexander Kutekhov – Producer at Buka Entertainment, 10 years of experience in managing game development and game design;
  • Evgenia Ronzhina is a moderator and director of the Gaming and Cybersport program at Synergy University.

The speakers discussed the latest changes in the industry. All agreed that we needed personnel that would not only love the abundance of eSports, but also could manage projects professionally.

Most of the questions were devoted to the launch of educational programs of the faculty.

Discussion panel

The composition of the discussion panel:

  • Pavel Shapkin – founder of the UCC e-sports organization;
  • Roman Dvoryankin – general manager of Virtus.pro;
  • Evgenia Ronzhina – moderator and director of the “Game Industry and Cybersport” program of the University “Synergy”;
  • Maxim Dreval – entrepreneur of the year in the field of education according to EY; The founder and CEO of L2P LIMITED is EdTech, an international cyber sport.

On the discussion panel, the speakers discussed general statistics. For example, now users spend over 12 billion dollars a year, the sphere of eSports already has advertising budgets over 1 billion with the integration of international brands, and the annual market growth now exceeds 30%. The full video will be available soon and will appear on the official channel of the university.

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The faculty of the “Game Industry and Cybersport” held a press conference and a discussion panel …

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