Today, the faculty of the “Game Industry and Cybersport” of the University “Synergy” announced the possibility for the winners of FastCup’s to get free places through employment from the first days of training.

Talented students will have the opportunity to dive into the specialty and get work experience at the end of the program, combining training with work and “combat” tasks.

Now, if the team passes qualifying tournaments, the winners receive grants for training throughout the entire educational program. The winning teams will represent the university both at student competitions and on the PRO stage.

In addition, it will be possible to get to the free direction if you have talent and experience in such areas as organizing events, developing IT platforms and creating unique content of the relevant direction of the faculty. Soon the faculty will announce details about the disciplines, upcoming tournaments and the rules for the qualifying rounds.

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The Faculty of “Gaming and eSports” will provide students with assistance in finding employment.

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