The developer of the Emblematic Group has announced the beta text of the REACH browser-based VR editor, which is designed to create and distribute VR content. At the same time, the generated models are made on the basis of real people and objects. Access to them can be obtained using a normal browser link.

The author of the content will be provided with access to the media library, which consists of three-dimensional photogrammetric models of places made in high resolution. There, with one click of the mouse, it is easy enough to drag objects from place to place. Also, users can upload their own models to the platform.

The base in the form of a web platform ensures that the content will be available on almost any device with a browser, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer or other devices. The REACH platform may well become a new, innovative way to create excursions and other similar projects, where the immersion of a person into the atmosphere plays an important role.

At the moment, registration is open to the beta test, which is available on the official website.

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The beta text of the browser-based VR editor is gaining momentum

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