The Red Dot Awards are awarded for innovative design in different product categories.

The Belarusian startup Teslasuit won the prestigious international industrial design award Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, in the highest nomination “best of the best”. The Red Dot: Best of the Best award is awarded for innovative and outstanding design to the best products.

Teslasuit is a unique, first in the world suit with tactile feedback for the most complete immersion in virtual reality, whose work is based on the principle of electrical stimulation. It is equipped with several systems: the transfer of tactile sensations, motion capture, temperature control and biometric sensors. The suit is completely wireless. Feedback based on electrostimulation transmits notifications from costume to person. The motion capture system digitizes a person’s movements and models a virtual model of his position (this is often used to animate humanoid characters in the film industry).

The temperature control system monitors the body temperature, and the biometric system monitors the ECG readings, reads the state of the muscles, and in the future will be able to determine a person’s feelings by the difference in electrical potentials on the skin surface. Thanks to the combination of all these systems and with the development and improvement of technology, the possibilities of using Teslasuit are constantly expanding and opening up fundamentally new opportunities in various fields. If initially the costume was created for entertainment and gaming industry, now we are talking about the prospects for use in corporate training in industry, in sports training, in medicine during rehabilitation.

“Our main goal was to create something completely new – a kind of medium between man and technology, electronics, the digital world. Teslasuit allows you to provide a deeper and more complete immersion into virtual reality through the tactile channel of sensation transmission, but if you step beyond this understanding, the costume is the initial link in the connection and symbiosis between humans and electronics. ”

He told the chief designer of Teslasuit Igor Buturlya.

“Teslasuit has a rather complex functionality. In principle, all the technologies embodied in the suit already exist separately, but in a complex they were not combined into one more complex system and, moreover, they were not integrated all together into clothes. So, when designing, it turned out to be the main thing to link a unique sensory human body and electronics, because the requirements for clothing are completely different than the case of gadgets. And the main task was precisely to “make friends” of them among themselves, to make the complex electronics system comfortable and safe for interaction with the human body. This is one of the most difficult tasks – the integration of electronics into clothing. ”

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The Belarusian startup Teslasuit won the prestigious international Red Dot Award in pro …

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