Built-in tracking Oculus Quest allows you to go beyond the indoor VR. The only problem is that most of us do not have real rooms that go beyond these limits. But what if you could play in a larger area? What if you had, say, a whole field? Well, then you will find true magic.

This excellent video from ETR shows that this is quite possible. It demonstrates that a quest user explores the world from Oculus Studios called Journey of the Gods in a wide area. The user can actually run around the field, while his movements are repeated in the game. The result is a much more convincing and exciting experience. Something similar can also be done with stand-alone Google and Lenovo Mirage Solo headsets.

According to the author of the video, for this you need relatively low lighting conditions, because tracking Quest does not work well in focused sunlight. But, in the right conditions, you are pretty much free to run as you like. For a game like Journey of the Gods, this means that the fight can be much more correct from the point of view of physics. But imagine that you break the Superhot VR and run to the other side of the room or wade through the Apex Construct level without even touching the controller.

It is a pity that we all can not play like that. Even if we have an open space next to us, the thought of pulling the Quest over our eyes and running in the dark is not exactly attractive.

Recall that the Oculus Quest comes out on May 21 for $ 399.

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