In the spring of 2019 from 20 March to 14 April, Deutsche Telekom is organizing a VR cinema tour in cooperation with four German cinema operators in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. This brings Magenta VR for the first time an entertainment program exclusively with VR glasses in the German cinemas. The offer includes 360-degree and VR films, which are presented by an Oculus Go.

Magenta VR – Virtual reality cinema tour in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich

Watch out for moviegoers: As of March 20, you can experience 360-degree and VR films in major German cities in the movie theaters with an Oculus Go. This is made possible by Telekom, which is launching the campaign in cooperation with four cinema operators. Within the cinemas, every visitor receives VR glasses. Accordingly, the films are simultaneously started for the audience, whereby the sound is reproduced by the sound system of the cinema hall. Through the synchronization, the classic cinematic experience should be preserved, if your neighbors and Mitzuschauer react to appropriate film passages.

The program includes 360-degree films for all ages. These include the titles CROW: The Legend, Conscious Existence and Wild Immersion: Africa:

The animated film CROW: The Legend by the director of Madagascar tells the story of a self-obsessed bird who sets himself the task of saving the awkward animals of a forest from an unexpected winter. The thrilling story even occasionally breaks through the fourth wall through brief interactions in short interactions. In addition, celebrities such as John Legend and Oprah give their voices to the animals with speaking roles.

Crow: The Legend

Conscious Experience of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, on the other hand, uses hyperrealistic images to focus on the most precious gift on earth: life itself. The VR film was produced as part of the VR Now Talent Initiative and funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg and MFG Filmförderung.

Wild Immersion: Africa joins the film offering as the third film in the league. The immersive journey through the African continent will allow you to immerse yourself in lions and other savanna inhabitants. He leads the audience on an interesting journey into the largest nature reserve in Africa. The film was supported by the international animal and environmental protection organization Jane Goodall Institute.

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The three short films take 12 to 20 minutes, showing the entire program for about an hour. The offer is aimed at both VR veterans and newcomers who are getting in touch with the technology for the first time. These receive a brief introduction by staff provided.

The following cinemas take part in the action:

  • 20.3. – 24.03.2019 | BERLIN | UCI Luxe Mercedes place
  • 27.03. – 31.03.2019 | COLOGNE | Cinedom in the Mediapark
  • 4.3. – 07.04.2019 | MUNICH | Mathäser Filmpalast
    The start of the performance is at 17:20 and 18:40.
  • 10.4. – 14.04.2019 | HAMBURG | Zeise cinemas
    The performance starts at 17:00 and 18:30.

Telekom organizes virtual reality cinema tour in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich

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