Team eSports VR shooter debuts at Zero Latency parks

Operator of virtual reality parks Zero Latency introduced the game Sol Raiders. In her two teams (up to four people each) are shooting on three maps. The game will be available at all points of the company from February 9, 2019. Tickets are on sale now.

With more than half a million games held in our locations around the world and the growing global popularity of eSports, we have witnessed a great demand from players who want to compete in fights with each other. With Sol Raiders, they can, ”says Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency. – If you thought that shooting zombies in our virtual locations is fun, just wait until you have the opportunity to compare your gaming skills with relatives and friends!

Before us is a classic PvP shooter based on a real room. The plot in such projects, at first glance, is secondary, but it can “hook”, so you can’t talk about it:

The earth has disappeared, and the last remnants of humanity travel the universe in search of new worlds … and new wealth. A different source of energy called Sol will make you rich if you can get it. The only problem is that everyone wants it, and to take possession of it, you have to fight.

Zero Latency calls Sol Raiders their most ambitious game. She claims the status of eSports, intersecting with the Russian project VR RING. The novelty also boasts a new graphics engine and animation system. At the time of launch, the game will support three languages: English, Spanish and Japanese. This is very transparent about target markets.

Team eSports VR shooter debuts at Zero Latency parks

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