The latest SteamVR update fixes errors and bugs that Index controller users have been complaining about.

Index is a virtual reality system from Valve. She was released in late June. A full set costs $ 999, but existing HTC Vive owners can purchase a headset and new controllers separately for $ 499 and $ 279, respectively.

On the front side of the controllers there are two buttons, a small trackpad and a thumb stick. While the thumb stick can be pressed while centering, when deflected at certain angles, this can no longer be done. But Valve does not consider this a defect. The latest software update indicates that the company intends to work around the software problem.

Valve updated the default Index controller input bindings in such a way that when the thumb completely deviates in any direction, it is considered fully pressed. This applies only to applications that have not set their own input bindings, which basically means games that have not yet been updated to support Index.

Users can manually enable this new setting for any application using the SteamVR input system controller settings panel. The exact deviation to activate the emulated click is fully customizable.

As with the Steam controller, Valve pays great attention to community bindings and user input. This allows you to configure this option, but leads to some degree of fragmentation of input between games.

Bug fixes and stability improvements

The update also brings many bug fixes and stability improvements to the Valve platform, including firmware updates for both the headset and the controllers. Based on the change log, this seems to apply to most Index launch errors, of which the following are known.

SteamVR Bug Fixes:

  • Automatic firmware recovery is enabled for Valve Index and Vive Pro devices for which some firmware updates were interrupted or failed.
  • Fixed a rare spontaneous stop of the vrserver program caused by very short connected cables.
  • Fixed a rare case where SteamVR stopped working after a long period of high processor load.
  • Fixed bug 422.

Firmware and drivers:

  • Improved device detection to reduce the effects of abnormal USB driver and device behavior.
  • A fix has been introduced for some Valve Index users experiencing power outages in the base station.
  • Fixed a problem with the skeletal system when the stick did not respond when moving the thumb, but the touch was not detected.
  • Fixed cases of error 422.
  • Improved USB reliability.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to disabling displays during active use.
  • Fixed an issue where initiating pairing immediately after turning on the controller could lead to a power outage.

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SteamVR fixed bugs and errors related to Valve Index controllers

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