Sony Picture Virtual Reality brought Spider-Man: Far From Home to VR last week.

This is the first time fans have had the opportunity to wear a superhero costume and travel through New York on a cobweb. But in the experience there is no support for two important new VR platforms: Oculus Quest and Valve Index. Well then, cross your fingers, because Sony says he is thinking over these ports.

“We are definitely thinking about this,” said Jake Zim, SPVR senior vice president, when asked about index support.

“We had a large and very positive customer response to the launch, including many requests for Quest assembly. We look at all our options and work with our developers and platforms to figure out the best way to manage demand. ”

Both Quest and Index will gain a unique Spider-Man VR experience. For starters, this will allow players to swing without a leash, since Quest does not require a connection to a PC or console to run. Meanwhile, excellent finger tracking. Index can allow players to return their middle fingers to the iconic pose in order to shoot at the web.

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Sony “will think” over Spider-Man VR for Quest and Index

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