Recently, Sony filed a patent application called “the viewer’s eye on the interactive game world, demonstrated at an event held in the real world.” The patent describes the use of an array of cameras to make the VR user feel as if they are attending a cybersport tournament.

Cameras and microphones will be built into the seats. The proximity sensor in the seats can tell if real people are sitting on the seats in order not to use them for broadcast.

The patent also describes, allowing the VR user to see which events unfold within the game. Imagine switching between being in a classroom and playing a game. The patent also provides for hybrid modes in which game elements appear in virtual augmented reality around the arena.

Cybersport is a huge industry with the biggest matches watched by tens of millions of viewers. The ability to virtually sit in the audience was able to provide many new buyers of virtual reality glasses. Perhaps the number of people interested in VR and esports is greater than in traditional sports.

Valve has added spectator mode to the international DOTA 2 championship, but Sony’s approach adds a large audience.
It is unclear what events will be broadcast, but some images in the patent show the text “PlayStation Plus League”, implying that Sony can use virtual reality to enhance its own services.

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Sony “hit” in eSports: a new VR patent for virtual matches

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