Virtual reality glasses PlayStation VR have become a kind of unifying factor for all owners of the PS4 console. It is likely that in the future, Sony plans to switch all its users to VR devices, which will replace their TV sets and become the main source for visual information. To do this, the Japanese giant needs to unite its customer base through social initiatives.

To begin with, Sony decided to introduce a completely new way of content consumption to users. That is why she updated the application for watching videos in the Theater Room VR VR cinema. The main innovation was the multiplayer mode, which allows you to view the movie in three, including the initiator. At the moment, the update is available only in Japan and it is not known whether it will be distributed to other regions.

Only the initiator of viewing can control the whole process of watching a movie. You can communicate using voice chat. In addition, the Virtual 4D feature causes the controller to vibrate in time with the video and sound, creating the effect of total immersion.

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Sony has opened a multi-user VR cinema in Japan

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