For the most part, Valve tends to be very secretive when it comes to project development. The company seems to have become warmer with the idea of ​​being a little more open about what it is working on.

For example, on the development of Knuckles controllers (now called the Valve Index). Today, this trend continues with the launch of Steam Labs, where Steam users can see and test experimental features.

There are three experiences you can play with: Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automatic Show. Each of them is designed to provide different services, and all of them should be considered as work in progress.

From the name Micro Trailers it is quite clear that the application shows short six-second trailers for quick and easy viewing. It sounds very similar to a long GIF, micro-trailers are sorted into collections, such as popular new games, koubas, adventure games, RPG, and so on. Clicking on the collection will bring up the video game grid, then you can hover over the selected game or content. In another section, just scrolling down will start playing trailers.

It is worth paying attention to the Interactive Recommender. Steam has a huge library of games, and hundreds are added every month, so you will definitely miss a few. While Steam has several ways to search for content, Interactive Recommender provides a completely new list. Using machine learning experience will look at your game history and generate a personalized list just for you. But you can play with the settings for finer content selection.

There is an item for weighing recommendations for popularity, and another item that works by age, starting from those issued in the last six months to ten years. You also have an option tags, showing video games with specific tags or excluding certain tags. Of course, a virtual reality (VR) tag is included in the app.

Finally, there is Automatic Show, which looks like a video showcase that you will see at press conferences for events like E3. The automatically generated video lasts 30 minutes and contains the latest releases of Steam, all in separate categories.

Since these are experiments, Steam is looking for feedback and recommendations from the community, whether to promote certain ideas or abandon them.

VRcue will continue to talk about the latest Steam Labs experiments.

Some Valve experiments will be made public via Steam Labs

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