The future of unforgettable gaming experience has already arrived. Now video games
can look realistic – like everyone dreamed.

Today, U24 Solutions announced the release of their new Slum Ball VR game on June 11 for
PlayStation VR. Possessing photorealism that a laser scanner provides,
time-consuming, but fascinating gameplay is perfect for the PlayStation VR.

Slum Ball VR photorealistic level was shot early in the morning on Ida Street in the Old
city ​​of the capital of Estonia Tallinn. For filming used laser scanner FARO
Focus S 70 – the same technology is used to create 3D-models in architecture,
shipbuilding and restoration of historic sites. “We wanted to demonstrate everything
the possibilities, as well as what the future of VR may look like when video cards become
better, and photo-realistic games will be widely distributed, ”said Steve
Parker, co-founder of U24 Solutions.

The background for Slum Ball VR is the life of a slum, where players are invited to participate in
simple game with bat and ball. The process, however, has its own flavor – instead of the usual
a wooden bat in the hands of a player in a shabby sneaker
a drink.

Slum Ball VR inspires to workout and develop coordination in a fun game.
form without the use of sports equipment. We all know that creativity doesn’t have
boundaries, so all you need at the end of the day is the desire to play and find in the game

Slum Ball VR has various game modes and levels:

• crush the water canisters in the sewer tunnel to get as much as possible
more points
• smash flower pots across the street to score points
• crush the walls of the workshop and creatively paint them
• Test your accuracy on photo-realistic street levels using
balls and trash cans

Any owner of PlayStation VR can now feel the unparalleled
realism of virtual reality. Available for PlayStation VR on PlayStation Store.

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Slum Ball VR brings photorealism to PlayStation’s virtual reality

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