Sean Leiden from Sony: We see progress in VR 2.0 games

Sony’s Sean Leiden said the VR industry is starting to move to the second generation of content.

Leiden reported this during his main speech at the conference this year. He began to say that the time for the new technology has not yet come, adding that “most of the VR is one point, and it still feels experimental.”

But these experiments lay the groundwork for what comes next.

“We are starting to see progress towards VR 2.0 games and software,” Leiden said.

Then he gave a popular example of one of the best VR games called Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Exclusive platformer from Sony Japan Studio 2018 PSVR stole people’s hearts with its addictive gameplay and ingenious use of VR.

“Astro Bot used the VR environment to override what could be a platformer, and for a very good effect. The game of this quality, which appeared in the first generation of new technology, helps us to lay the foundation for development, ”says Leiden.

Indeed, we loved Astro Bot. But, like Leiden, we are happy to see which games are built on the template that he has installed. PSVR is now almost three years old, and we hope that the 2019 content plan will be the strongest. We know that Sony London Studio is working on Blood And Truth, but we are not sure that it will come to the headset this year.

Of course, we are also happy to see what will happen next with the PSVR virtual reality helmet itself. In an interview earlier this week, Leiden said that the changes that the headset will see over the next ten years will be “dramatic.”

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Sean Leiden from Sony: We see progress in VR 2.0 games

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