Magic Leap, a well-funded augmented reality startup filed a lawsuit against rival startup Nreal and its founder, Chi Xu.

The lawsuit alleges that Chi Xu worked at Magic Leap as a software engineer from July 2015 to August 2016, and he signed “an agreement on private information and inventions (“ PIIA ”), which contained a broad prohibition on the misuse or disclosure of any Magic Leap’s confidential and private information during or after his work. ”Then he left and founded Nreal with contacts in China, in a lawsuit, and he“ improperly used and disclosed confidential information to Nreal and his staff, which he accessed as a former employee Magic Leap ”.

We’ve found a complete complaint filed with the United States District Court in the Northern District of California, and you can read it in PDF format here. We turned to Chi Xu for comments via a direct message on a LinkedIn account corresponding to his name.

“Mr. Xu used his knowledge of Magic Leap’s confidential information, including but not limited to confidential projects, to make production and design decisions in Nreal and to guide the development of spatial computing products for sale,” the lawsuit states.

“The resulting product, demonstrated at CES and on publicly available videos, bears a striking resemblance to the confidential projects that Magic Leap developed before and during Mr. Xu’s work in Magic Leap, but which were not ultimately commercialized or publicly released. While Nreal intended to develop its Nreal Light product in less than two years, Magic Leap developed its technology after an extensive investment of time (several years), money (hundreds of millions of dollars spent on research and development) and human resources (hundreds of engineers) “.

The video below from the MRTV channel is mentioned several times in a complaint in which “Mr. Xu claimed that Magic Leap is“ too ambitious ”and“ trying to exceed its authority, ”and he described the Magic Leap product development strategy as follows:“ in some way they are trying to build something that can replace the first generation mobile phone, which seems like an impossible mission. ”Mr. Xu continued his characterization of the Magic Leap product development strategy, saying.

“They are trying to tie up almost everything in (the device), making it more and more.”

While Mr. Xu tried to distinguish Nreal Lite from Magic Leap products currently in public sale, Nreal Light actually includes and receives confidential projects and other confidential information from Magic Leap, protected by PIIA.

The Magic Leap suit also points out the similarity of the fonts used by companies.

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Scandal: Founder of Nreal copied ideas after leaving Magic Leap

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