Samsung offers a discount of $ 200 on Odyssey Plus

The company repeats the offer for Black Friday to the latest revision of Odyssey.

Samsung has once again launched in its US store the same discount of 200 dollars (40% of the total price) for its virtual reality viewer Odyssey + that applied previously in the promotion for Black Friday. Therefore, we have a new opportunity to get the device for $ 299.99, with its usual price of $ 499.99. It should be remembered that the HMD is not for sale in Europe.

Like the previous version of Odyssey, it has two AMOLED screens of 1440×1600 at 90 Hz, Fresnel lenses, 110º FOV, headband-type headset system with integrated headphones, absolute inside-out positioning, motion controllers with improved ergonomics. to the rest of the Windows MR platform, hardware adjustment of the interpupillary distance and integrated microphone. The revision plus adds anti screendoor technology, integrated Bluetooth sensors for communication with the controllers and adjustments to expand the interior space and reduce weight.

Those who are more interested in the previous version of Odyssey, can get this model with a discount of $ 149 in the Microsoft store in the US, where there is also the review with a rebate of $ 150.

We have more information about the first Odyssey in this analysis, as well as a comparison between the two models in this Virtual Pixels.

Samsung offers a discount of $ 200 on Odyssey Plus

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