Have you already learned the new DLC Beat Saber bandle far and wide? Don’t worry, another free song has just been released. Now you can download Noisestorm Crab Rave for free.

Yes, exactly Crab Rave. This is not an April Fool’s joke, this is a real song that you can download. This is another song under the label Monstercat, with which the Beat Games collaborated to release the first bandl. The tropical rhythm of the track and the charming video earned meme status last year. It changes the signs and location of the Beat Saber to sunny blue and green. Beat Games also made the artwork above to celebrate this event. Charming!


Get your clawsabers ready our dear friends … It’s time for some Crab Rave! 🦀

Thanks to @Monstercat, Crab Rave by @NoisestormMusic Launches Celebrate one-year anniversary of this crabs-travaganza. pic.twitter.com/igukqKyXc8

– Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) April 1, 2019

“THIS IS NOT A FIRST-APRIL JOKE! Get your Crab Rave. Ode ready, our dear friends? It’s time for the Crab Rave. ”

And yes, someone has already received 100% on Expert +. It’s a little scary to look at.

Crab Rave is now available in PC VR and PSVR versions. We also expect it to be included in the upcoming version of the Oculus Quest Beat Saber, which should be launched with the headset this spring.

This is not the first Beat Saber free track. Beat Games also collaborates with League of Legends to bring free songs to the game last year. We also expect that Beat Games will introduce two more Premium-class music bundles at the end of this year. In 2019, a sufficiently large amount of content will be made for Beat Saber.

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Saber Beat is not joking: the new track is already available

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