Rumors: VR Glasses for the Nintendo Switch this year

Nintendo World Report, citing its own sources, reports that Nintendo is announcing virtual reality glasses for the Switch console this year. A site GO Nintendo, referring to other sources, claims that the device will become part of the Labo cardboard periphery line.

Common sense tells us that if the Japanese announce BP-glasses for the Switch, then these will be glasses with their own displays and cable connection to the console. After all, only the display is not suitable for virtual reality, but the Tegra X1 computing system (256-core GPU with NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, support for DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan API and AEP extension set) Snapdragon 821/835/845 may work better than the current mobile VR systems, although not as efficiently.

Rumors: Nintendo will release points for the Switch this year

Recall that in glasses Magic Leap works the next generation system Tegra X2, and the device itself is designed for several years of relevance. This means that the X1 did not have time to become obsolete for the new round of computer interfaces, especially given the calm attitude of the Japanese to realistic graphics. The case for game developers.

Nintendo is exploring the potential of virtual reality and has been using immersive technology for decades; this is no secret. It was she who, in 1995, released the not very successful game console Virtual Boy, which was almost a virtual reality glasses, acting as their prototype. Much later, the company opened up for millions of people the augmented reality game Pokémon GO, which did not have time to become the first of its kind, but became the most popular.

Nintendo has intellectual property in the BP area, and the company’s project code has repeatedly spoken about interest in its monetization.

There is another possibility that explains the rumors of virtual reality, but does not affect the Switch. Nintendo can provide homemade VR versions of its gaming franchises. On which platforms they can go, we can only guess. The company does not make official statements.

Rumors: VR Glasses for the Nintendo Switch this year

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