We have heard from a number of interested owners of the Oculus Rift CV1 — the first consumer-oriented VR headset based on the Facebook PC released in 2016 — who are worried about getting spare parts after removing the virtual reality headset from sale earlier this year. Therefore, a Facebook representative reports the following:

“For customers who are still under warranty, we still provide replacement cables as needed. Because Rift is a product that is no longer on the market, our team evaluates options for customers outside of the warranty. ”

These words are probably not encouraging for people who do not have a guarantee and prefer the original headset and its mechanical adjustment of “IPD”. The function physically moves the optics to directly align the visual elements in front of the eyes. A replacement for the Rift, the Rift S, in partnership with Lenovo, began shipping in May and makes these adjustments only to the software. The difference can make the new headset a bad fit for some people who like the original, because they may have a face shape and eye distance that does not match the new optics. Facebook’s standalone wireless headset, Oculus Quest, was also released in May, and this headset is mechanically adjustable. Valve’s Index VR Helmet also lets you adjust your interpupillary distance metrics.

At the time of writing this article on the American site for Oculus, you can still buy the original Oculus Touch controller, sensor, front-panel or remote control, while other spare parts, such as audio accessories and a cable to connect the headset to a computer, are no longer available.

Recall that Oculus Connect 6 will be held in September.

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Rift CV1: Facebook evaluates options for replacing cables without warranty

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