Review: Creed: Rise to Glory – one of the best boxing games in virtual reality

Los Angeles-based developer Survios was rich in releases for virtual reality (VR) in 2018, with the launch of projects like Sprint Vector at the beginning of the year and Electronauts this summer. Usually this would be enough for any team, but this did not stop them, and the release of perhaps the largest project Creed: Rise to Glory was not long in coming.

Based on past experiences, most gamers know that video games based on movies tend to have some problems trying to imitate a movie and, as a rule, are not able to cause a wow effect. So, can Creed: Rise to Glory break this stereotype and provide an interesting experience that will put you in the main character’s place? Of course it can.

The game has several game modes, but what forms the core of Creed: Rise to Glory is a career mode. Here you play as Creed, still a young upstart, who is trying to make a name for himself and get out of the shadow of his famous father – I hope you have seen Rocky films. To do this, you need to train and fight in underground games, learning not only to beat, but also to defend.

Creed: Rise to Glory is an explosive mixture of arcade and simulation gameplay, where you can go ahead and probably win, but using a more methodical approach you will get more rewards. Before you step into the ring you need to train with a punching bag and various other training equipment for boxers. The quality of past training directly affects your endurance in the upcoming fight.

The control system takes some time to get used to. Some tricks such as dodging may require a bit of practice. The most important thing is that battles do not tie a player to a place and you can move freely around the ring – just make sure that nothing interferes with your playing area.

Like any boxing video game, beat mechanics should work flawlessly, or the whole gameplay becomes routine. Fortunately, this is what Survios realized quite clearly, introducing a barely noticeable delay so that the power you put into the blows was felt at the proper level. It also means that Creed: Rise to Glory is a solid workout for your body that will make you sweat, increasing your heart rate after several rounds.

Virtual endurance adds realism, where your character starts to get tired, so you need to block and dodge correctly so as not to miss the blows when it is regenerated. Having received too many punches, of course, you will fall, and at this moment Survios is a kind of mini-game where you have to run back into the ring. The more often you fall, the greater the distance becomes, which causes you to be even more active.

Career mode offers a fairly decent amount of gameplay, but this may not be enough for some players. But to make you come back again and again, there are modes like free play and PvP. The free game is still single player mode, which allows you to experience all aspects of Creed: Rise to Glory. Whether it is additional training, a repetition of past battles, or a selection of various fighters that you have previously encountered to see, fight them again.

And there is also a PvP mode where you can fight with other players around the world. Up to this point, Creed: Rise to Glory was largely beautiful in its game mechanics and visual design. However, in this mode, the game leaves much to be desired due to poor connection. This fact prevents enjoy PvP mode as well as a single campaign. Despite this, the experience of Survios with a project like Sprint Vector gives hope that all the shortcomings will be corrected.

Survios once again did an outstanding job with Creed: Rise to Glory, helping to recommend the studio as one of the developers of premium VR content. You do not need to understand boxing to enjoy this game, and for those who love active VR games this title will appeal to you. You may lose interest in the story, but it is enough to keep most players for some time.

VRcue rates Creed: Rise to Glory on 9 out of 10 boxing gloves.

Review: Creed: Rise to Glory – one of the best boxing games in virtual reality

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