Last month, Oculus confirmed that its regular fall event, Oculus Connect, will return in September 2019, saying on the website: “We hope you join us to begin a new chapter in virtual and augmented reality.”

Now, registration for Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) is announced open. The site also provides a summary of what sessions to expect.

With the launch of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S and a couple of months ago, expectations are high for a lot of new content. The first tantalizing information does not disappoint, Respawn Entertainment will present its first-person shooter (FPS), created in partnership with Oculus Studios. Event participants will be able to try out the demo version in action.

The studio was entrenched with such well-known projects as: Titanfall, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and the currently developing project Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Details regarding Respawn Entertainment’s latest virtual reality (VR) project first appeared last summer. Since then, nothing has been mentioned, so the announcement will be very large.

Many other video games are expected, but today there is more information that John Carmack’s Application Reviews will be back.

A wide range of sessions is expected at the event. The official description of the Oculus Connect website is as follows:

Long live 360 ​​(and 180)!


· Eric Cheng, Leading Immersive Media, Facebook;

· Assad Shet, Product Manager, Facebook;

· Abesh Thakur, Product Manager, Facebook.

You said, we listened. Workflows, eating, and distribution for creators of immersive media have been riddled with friction over the past few years. Join the Facebook AR / VR Media Team to learn about new features and approaches for creating, entering the market and distributing your content with the latest products designed specifically to reduce friction and support VR as a media. We will also share how you, as developers, can create the effect of presence and increase your audience.

Oculus for Business: Scalable, Professional, Secure


· Matt Terrell, Product Manager, Facebook;

· Isabelle Tewes, Product Manager.

Facebook – Enterprise VR continues to create VR solutions for business and prove the results of technology application, as innovative companies use VR for training, collaboration, design and much more. However, the scaling logistics of this powerful technology can be complex. Join the enterprise product team as they give you a first look at Oculus’s business solution that helps companies deploy VR in a new, professional, secure, and scalable way.

Design Safety: How to Ensure Security and Engage People in Product Development


· Sarah Ryan, political partner, Facebook;

· Lindsey Young, Product Manager, Facebook.

Online — violence like bullying and harassment — is not new, but VR brings a whole new set of exciting and visceral abuse vectors that require responses from platforms and developers. Protecting people from abuse is especially important for vulnerable groups, including women and African Americans. This session will explore how various VR developers solve user security issues — both proactively and reactively — to help create a more secure experience. You will hear from product and community managers about how they provide security in their products and work with their communities to create secure and welcoming virtual environments.

Signed, sealed, delivered: success at the Oculus store


· Representatives of the TBA.

Oculus has three flagship VR headsets: Oculus Go, Rift S and Quest. Each platform differs not only in technical capabilities, but also in the type of content with which the players interact, as well as the players’ expectations of quality. This session aims to shed more light on decisions to popularize your content.

Technology Connections: how AR + VR connects us to the world


· Lisa Brown Jalosa, Technology Communications Manager, Facebook (moderator).

From an anti-utopian future to escapist fantasies, the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality are often distorted or misunderstood. In this session, we will look at how these technologies actually deepen our connection with the outside world.

The OC6 looks like a very exciting event, and Oculus is expected to share additional information from today until September. The conference will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from September 25 to 26, 2019.

As more information becomes available to the public, VRcue will keep you informed.

Registration for Oculus Connect 6 is open

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