You could already watch the squall of news about the Oculus Quest, which literally collapsed at one moment. Standalone virtual reality glasses from Facebook will come out very soon with a whole list of available games and applications. And this fact seems to have opened literally a cloud of announcements that developers post on Twitter one by one.

Fast Travel Games was the first studio seen on Twitter that announced that its science fiction Apex shooter would be released on Oculus Quest. The game takes place in a surrealistic, almost alien world, where players are trapped in a war between two AI. Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR games will be evaluated, and an indicator that VR has transformed the game as a whole.

The next game was Rec Room by Against Gravity. As one of the most famous social experiences in VR, the Rec Room offers players various social games that they can play, be it a sport or just a shootout with each other. Completely free, players can customize their characters, their own rooms, or just hang around virtual worlds if they like it.

For those who love puzzles, Shell Games has confirmed that we can expect a novelty for them from Oculus Quest. The studio is also in the process of developing a magical combat adventure called Until You Fall.
Also bringing a social dimension to Oculus Quest is VRChat. Offering an alternative social experience for a lounge, VRChat still allows users to interact, create custom avatars, play games, meet, or simply relax in the virtual world.

As soon as VRcue learns more details about upcoming updates for Oculus Quest, he will inform you about it.

Rec Room, Apex Construct, I Expect You To Die and many other games have already been announced on O …

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