Putin plunged into virtual reality

The President of the Russian Federation decided to plunge into virtual reality during his visit to Moscow State University. The digital world allowed Vladimir Putin to familiarize himself with the exposition of the local anthropology museum.

After immersion in the digital world, Vladimir Vladimirovich talked with a student at a higher education institution named Katharina. In this case, the girl herself was dressed extremely non-standard. She was wearing a festive costume of a 19th century peasant woman. After the conversation, Katharina told the President of the Russian Federation about the history of her dress, and she also performed a song.

In addition, the girl offered to hold the All-Russian Theater Festival among students, recalling that 2019 was declared the Year of Theater in Russia.

The head of state supported this initiative and noted that it would “expand the range of possibilities.”

“It’s great. I will be happy to support, but we need to understand what needs to be done specifically in this direction, ”he noted.

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Putin plunged into virtual reality

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