Not so long ago, it was possible to notice an online rumor that Valve had leaked their new virtual reality glasses under the name of Index VR. But it turned out that this is not an April Fool’s joke and the information is reliable. Today, Valve confirmed that the leak was true. It seems that the headset will officially be released in June.

Twitter user Wario64 was the first to discover a Steam product page that was dedicated to Valve’s Index VR. She gave very important information that the delivery date falls on June 15th. As you can see in the image below, the company introduced a new Valve Index, showing embedded headphones. Other highlights also included mentioning the function of the so-called pass-through camera. The minimum PC specification is the Nvidia GTX 970 recommended by GPU-GTC 1070 or higher.

Now Valve said that the page was not a hoax:

“Although not comprehensive, it is the perfect truth.”

Valve also mentioned that May 1 was the target date for the official disclosure of the device, as well as the start of pre-orders for Index Valve. Knuckles controllers will also be sold along with virtual reality glasses, called “Index Valve Controllers”.

The page on Steam also seems to indicate that the Valve Index will be sold in the same way as the HTC Vive Pro, as is the headset (“controllers, base stations and PCs”) for those who already own Lighthouse base stations. That means the ability to get two sets at once with base stations and controllers Valve Index.

Since Valve is a rather secretive company, this information leak is very irregular, especially considering that it still doesn’t mention any information about VR video games that are supposedly under development.

VRcue does not expect additional information to leak in the next few weeks, as the company is preparing for an official release next month. It will be interesting to see how Valve will appreciate its headset.

Pre-orders for Index VR from Valve start May 1

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