Canadian engineering company Iris Dynamics has created a portable installation of the Oculus Rift, which can be fully loaded inside the VR “in less than 60 seconds.”

The pelican case has a built-in gaming PC, as well as a touch screen and space for the Rift and Touch controllers. Rift sensors are embedded in extendable arms. The farther apart the sensors are, the more consistent the tracking of the controller will be to occlusion problems, so this was an important design goal.

Iris creates dedicated / custom feedback equipment mainly for training in VR and driving around an amusement park in VR. This business is not and never will be a consumer product. This is a custom solution designed to make it easier for customers to learn how to conduct VR training on the go.
The company has detailed the efforts put into designing high-end PC hardware in this design and keeping it properly cooled:

“The main components are attached to the CNC in such a way that the aluminum plates pass through a thermally conductive and heat insulating gel. The plates are on all sides, absorbing the effects of heat. Much attention is paid to air routers that isolate the component cases from the heat of the components and the box as a whole. The design is provided with a fan with variable speed and cooling. The power supply uses a standard C13 / C14 partition connector (standard computer / printer power cable) with space to store the cable in the case. The sensors are firmly mounted on the handles, which are always configured to lock into exactly the same position. ”

The upcoming Rift S can make future projects of this kind easier with built-in sensors. However, the PC will still be needed, as the Oculus Quest is not powerful enough for detailed training simulations.

Iris Dynamics will be demonstrating this device at Sea Air Space in Washington, DC, starting on May 6th. The company had a demand from a larger number of customers, but the creators of the design immediately note that it is an extremely expensive pleasure and its creation takes a lot of time.

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Portable installation Oculus Rift will start the game in 60 seconds

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