If you are a poker fan, we have good news for you – PokerStars VR will be released on the upcoming stand-alone Oculus Quest headset, worth $ 399.

The non-VR version of PokerStars is the largest online poker platform for real money in the world with about two-thirds of the total market share. The company worked with the developer Lucky VR to launch a version of the platform in virtual reality. It was released in November on the Oculus Rift and SteamVR platforms. This is a free game, but you buy chips for real money.

Facebook shares this short PokerStars VR video clip launched on Quest:

Graphics looks noticeably worse than PCs, especially lighting. This is because Quest uses a mobile processor, which makes it significantly less powerful than a gaming PC. The gameplay, however, is identical, and Quest players play along with PC VR players.

Poker is a game fit for virtual reality, because of its social nature. While VR headsets do not yet track facial expressions, the ability to see head and hand movements is a big step forward compared to playing on a monitor. For this, the game uses the Oculus Avatars system.

PokerStars VR offers five different environments: from China in 2050 to the yacht and saloon in the Wild West. You can order drinks, throw food, smoke a cigar, or interact with other items. On the Oculus Store and Steam, the game is highly rated, so it seems that Lucky VR knows what they are doing.

The developer claims that Quest opens up a “new level of accessibility” for the game— “being able to play independently of the PC means that players have more freedom to play, how they want and when they want.”

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PokerStars VR goes on Oculus Quest

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