Pixvana Cloud Virtual Reality Platform (SPIN Studio) allows exciting content developers to create interactive plot experiences right from the headset. This week, the company announced an additional tool for the SPIN Guide.

The SPIN Guide provides companies with a set of presentation management tools, as well as real-time analytics, helping guide the audience in tracking interaction and understanding of content. The new feature is perfect for VR and can even provide a virtual tour to several guests at once. For example, in the SPIN Guide, one person can control what the entire audience sees from one main screen.

Along with the provision of a fully managed VR experience, which ensures that each user can observe the same experience, the solution controls the platform, provides the ability to talk to users immersed in virtual reality throughout the journey; play, pause and search for videos; adjust the volume; and much more.

“At Pixvana, we aim to bring to the market new and powerful VR-native technologies to help the growth of the entire ecosystem. SPIN Guide is an innovative VR functionality that makes it easy to guide whole groups of viewers on life-changing adventures — to guide them, monitor their reactions, learn from them, and improve their experiences along the way. This is a game changer for everything from corporate sales training to marketing presentations, ”said Beverly Wessella, vice president of product, Pixvana.

The SPIN Guide can create heat maps of where users most often look at how they navigate through the content and how well they understand the content they consume to provide valuable data for companies.
The SPIN Guide is available for download in SPIN Studio. Stay up to date on further product upgrades from Pixavana with VRcue.

Pixvana Introduces VR Business Solution

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