Nintendo has decided to create a competitor to Gear VR?

After long expectations, Nintendo finally entered the virtual reality (VR) market earlier this year with the Labo VR kit. While it has become a fun and enjoyable alternative for children, it still cannot compare with other virtual reality helmets that are on the market. Now it seems that Nintendo does not stop there, because the company recently filed a patent application, apparently indicating plans to create the most reliable plastic version of the VR-helmet for a portable console.

The patent was awarded by LetsGoDigital. Nintendo applied for an original patent in February 2018 with the Japan Patent Office JPO (Japan Patent Office). Only published last month – August 22, 2019 – the patent has several detailed images showing a much more robust design with an ergonomic shape for comfort.

It looks, in fact, like a more advanced version of Labo, only without the need to build anything or worry about the case being easily damaged by shock or fluid entering the case. Attaching to the Nintendo console also seems more secure because of the look of a regular case, which is mounted on the headset below.

Virtual reality is an area that Nintendo is still exploring. Now the device described in the patent seems to be a competitor to Samsung Gear VR, but the device was relevant back in 2015/16. Both Samsung and Oculus have long lost interest in a mobile VR device. So, the first is going to create Samsung Odyssey, while Oculus offers its customers Go and Quest to support wireless virtual reality.

What is very possible is the compatibility of the new VR device with Nintendo Switch Lite. A new console is due out next week, but it will not support the Labo VR suite due to its all-in-one design. Patent photos of the virtual reality helmet indicate the original Nintendo console, but can this design also accommodate Switch Lite?

If possible, VRcue will inform you of this.

Patent: A new Nintendo Switch VR awaits us?

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