Valve has already begun to deliver the Index to those customers who pre-order.

If you were one of the lucky ones who ordered a new headset on May 1, then you are probably excited, as the Valve Index may be in your hands very soon. Announced in March and then officially launched in April, the Valve Index is the company’s first branded VR headset, offering new Valve Index controllers — previously known as Knuckles. Although most of the virtual reality (VR) games on Steam should work fine, because the headset itself supports SteamVR, Valve still released a list of 30 titles that were optimized specifically for the new headset / controllers.

When the pre-orders for the Valve Index started, it could be purchased in several ways, depending on the customer’s existing equipment. The headset itself, a pair of controllers or all together (all three options will suit you if you have HTC Vive). There was also a complete bundle with the Valve Index, controllers and new base stations SteamVR 2.0.

If you bought any combination that included controllers, then you will want to take a look at this list. The following games have been claimed by Valve as optimized for the Valve Index and the Valve Index controllers:

• Accounting +

• Aperture Hand Labs – Free

• Arizona Sunshine

• Arizona Sunshine – Dead Man DLC

• Beat Saber

• Bigscreen Beta – Free

• Blade & Sorcery

• Climbey

• Cosmic Trip


• Duck Season

• Echo Grotto

• Fruit Ninja VR *

• Fujii

• Garden of the Sea

• Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

• Jet Island

• Job Simulator

• Moss *

• Museum of Other Realities

• Neos VR – Free

• Onward

• Pavlov VR

• PokerStars VR

• #SkiJump

• Shadow Legend VR *

• Space Pirate Trainer *

• Space Junkies *


• Tilt Brush

• Trover Saves the Universe

• Vacation Simulator

• Vanishing Realms

• VRChat

• Windlands 2 *

Of course, there are literally thousands of VR titles on Steam that will only work with the headset itself if you only bought one. There is no doubt that many developers will update their projects for the most convenient work with new controllers in the near future.

VRcue will update the list of games as updates become available.

Over 30 games optimized for Valve Index and its controllers

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