OptiTrack’s tracking technology is used by location-based entertainment centers (LBE), specializing in virtual reality (VR) around the world, and at GDC 2019 this week, the company is showing its latest technology.

Guests of the exhibition will be able to see the newest OptiTrack system with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and Signature Pulse active tracking technology with the help of a specially constructed demo version based on Jenga blocks.

“We wanted to highlight some of the things that make OptiTrack technology so popular among VR professionals in the world, so we developed a live show that demonstrates that our systems track everything that allows the lbvr experience to fully express their creativity without worrying about technical limitations. Therefore, we created a set of LBVRs that will track everything in it, including two sets of Jenga blocks that people can play live – both in VR, and we implemented our active tracking technology into everything else in the experience to open people’s imagination to the possibilities. ” , Said Brian Nilles, CSO at OptiTrack in a statement.

The demo version of “Track Everything” GDC contains more than 130 objects that are tracked simultaneously with the active OptiTrack signature pulse, and the system specifications are reported:

  • Positional errors <0.2 mm
    Rotation errors <0.02 deg
    Tracking areas> 10,000 sq ft (930 sq m)
    Number of objects tracked> 250 with one PC
    Signature Pulse Active Impulse: each individual CAD is tracked and determined independently
    Allows you to track 100 identical items.
    Track offsets 100%.

In addition to Signature Pulse Active, OptiTrack will also show a new clip for the HTC Vive Pro HMD and its plug-and-play integration, a prototype of the hybrid glove Manus VR / OptiTrack and the integrated tactile feedback weapon OptiTrack.
VRcue will continue to talk about OptiTrack as the LBE industry continues to grow.

OptiTrack will showcase its active tracking technology on GDC 2019

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