Frankly, acquaintance with Oculus Quest, many began with a healthy dose of skepticism. The new autonomous Facebook headset is hardly the first to try to expand the attractiveness of VR: Gear VR, Lenovo Mirage Solo and Oculus – each of them is trying to translate this idea to one degree or another. But could any of them really make a difference around VR? Given all the complaints about inaccessibility, price and performance – not really.

Even with the promise of an external tracking system, we were not sure that Quest could necessarily change things for the better. Now, after a little more than a month from the moment of his release, it is possible to say with much greater confidence that he can.

Quest eliminates a huge number of problems with VR, which really have become a familiar part of the lives of users. Now you do not have to connect the wires from the Rift and wade through another Guardian recalibration. You can also forget about worries with the PSVR camera, which makes you look for a specific place in your living room that provides better tracking. Just take the headset, stand in the center of the room and immerse yourself in VR. We were promised a similar technology for a long time, but this time it really came out.

However, not everything is so smooth. If you are the owner of Rift and are familiar with most of the games for this headset, then the realization that on Quest you will not see so many new products. This can greatly disappoint you.

More importantly, Quest eliminated one awkward moment associated with the cost of the entire system. Of course, $ 399 is still a considerable amount, but now it is much easier to accept. This is no longer a virtual reality killer. This is the starting point from which you can show people why they should buy VR. This factor will play an important role in any conversation about VR in the future. So yes, Quest is going to change the conversation in the most literal level.

The next task of Oculus is to maintain momentum. The Quest starting lineup is fantastic and makes happy gamers happy for several weeks. But, to maintain interest, you will need a constant supply of excellent new content in the coming months. In addition, Quest will have to convince developers to continue developing games for old technical equipment, as computer installations become more and more productive. Something tells us that the Rift S and Valve Index will ultimately bow before Quest, and not vice versa, but maintaining the quality gap to an acceptable level will be one of the biggest obstacles to the headset.

At the moment, however, Oculus Quest is at the beginning of its journey. VRcue will continue to inform you about its ups and downs.

One month from the start of sales, Oculus Quest changed VR for the better

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