Oculus will host a Pre-GDC event with ‘not yet announced’ demo applications …

At the moment we are about a month away from the GDC show. On the eve of the event, Oculus told about the demo event intended only for the press, in which they will present a number of new demonstrations for Rift and Oculus Quest. We received permission to share the following details.

In particular, the letter indicates many demo games that have not yet been announced. Games, in addition to the new Stormland demo and the first ever opportunity to try the Asgard’s Wrath project.

We already knew that Quest will be present at GDC this year. In addition, confirmed on OC5’s release of a stand-alone virtual reality headset this spring, which means there are only a few months left until release. At the same event, Mark Zuckerberg said that the new virtual reality helmet will be launched with 50+ games, and we know only 10 of them so far, and only four users have had a chance to try. That leaves a lot of questions – but we have some ideas.

I hope we get confirmation of the availability of popular existing games, such as Rec Room and Beat Saber, at Quest, as they will certainly help sell headsets. But most of all we would like to see the actual completely new virtual impressions made specifically for Quest, and not just the ports of existing games. That’s where the real quality comes from!

The pre-GDC event will take place on Monday, March 18, and will be embargoed next Wednesday, March 20. In order to stay up to date with the latest news from the world of virtual reality, continue to read VRcue.

Oculus will host a Pre-GDC event with ‘not yet announced’ demo applications …

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