Oculus presented us with the next wave of VR equipment at GDC 2018 this month. Rift S and Quest respectively will be the devices that power VR games for the next several years. As for Oculus itself, the next years will be spent on creating a larger library of “deeper and more complex” software.

Jason Rubin talked about this in an interview last week. He told the news about how new glasses of virtual reality Oculus made it easier for everyone to access VR. Oculus can now spend time focusing on software that people want to see.

“Over the next few years, we will focus on making this feature set and this paradigm better. Major developers and publishers need to start working with sophisticated VR software
We have already seen how Oculus works with major developers on exclusives for Rift. Developer Ready at Dawn is already preparing a sequel to Lone Echo and Respawn Entertainment is making a VR shooter. But Rubin suggests that now is the time to draw the attention of major publishers and brands to virtual reality technology.

“We work with many developers! I know that all of you are asking questions like: where is Assassin’s Creed, where is Call of Duty, where is Madden? I understand your interest, but I think that now we can start talking about these things, and they will soon appear on the platform. ”

Oculus also told us last week that he now asks his studio partners to make the games compatible with both Quest and Rift S. The question is whether the new Oculus will sustain these iconic franchises or will it require PC power?

As soon as VRcue can answer you this question, he will inform you about it.

Oculus: The next few years, we are waiting for “serious” developers and “complex” games

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