The upcoming virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift S from Facebook have received FCC approval. The FCC is a US regulatory authority with responsibility for the use of wireless communications.

The headset does not have a specific release date, but Facebook says it will be launched in the spring. Compared to the original, the Rift S has higher resolution lenses, five cameras and a strap. However, it is no longer equipped with an IPD adjustment and is not supplied with headphones.

FCC files publicly disclose the exact wireless frequencies used by the device, as well as the peak output power of each. The feed does not reveal any hidden secrets, the headset uses the same 2.4 GHz frequency as the original Rift. This is necessary to communicate with touch controllers.

Original Rift virtual reality glasses are no longer available.

The original Rift was sold in all retail stores as early as a week ago. Until today, it was only available on

Today, the Oculus site in the US states that the Rift is “unavailable”. Some customers have reported that their orders have been canceled since the beginning of this week. It still appears to be available when you visit a website from some other countries, but this stock is likely to disappear too soon.

The price of the Rift was $ 399 since the summer of 2017, but in January of this year it was reduced to $ 349. In the context of this week’s announcement and the current stock situation, this was probably a sell-off.

Rift S is positioned as a complete replacement for Rift, taking its place in the market. But if you do not plan to upgrade, do not worry. Facebook has told us that the Rift will be supported “in the near term.”

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Oculus Rift S passes the FCC before the spring launch, the original Rift is now unavailable in …

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