The GDC 2019 will be held in San Francisco from March 18-22 and promises big revelations for the VR industry. According to Upload VR, the new Oculus Rift S will be released for the first time at the big event.

Oculus Rift S – Unveiling the new VR glasses at GDC 2019

At this year’s GDC 2019, the new Pro version of the Oculus Rift will be unveiled. The Oculus Rift S with improved displays and inside-out tracking thanks to integrated cameras and other features to upgrade the previous Rift glasses. In contrast to the announced Oculus Quest, the glasses in combination with PC systems should enable significantly more performance. At the same time, a larger market for end consumers is being targeted to make the VR glasses mainstream.

Oculus Quest

Accurate information and specifications have been kept under lock and key, but now an email should announce the release date of the new VR glasses. The ominous mail was sent to various Facebook developers, while the journalists from Upload VR also received the message.

Within the digital document, the Rift S was also named Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, which is expected to be unveiled at today’s GDC 2019.

Oculus himself announced in advance a few surprises for the Grand Mass. So Nate Mitchell promises an exciting year for Virtual Reality, both software and hardware.

The GDC 2019 will take place from today until March 22nd in San Francisco.

Oculus Rift S is scheduled to be unveiled at GDC 2019

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