The Oculus Rift S has a well-hidden setting that changes the default headset resolution. The settings do not specify the resolution for each choice, but with a little effort we were able to detect it.

How to find and measure resolution

To find the resolution setting for Rift S, open the Oculus application, tap “devices”, and then tap “Rift S and Touch”:

  • In the list of settings that appears, scroll down and find “graphic preferences.”
  • You will now see the graphics preferences panel. This allows you to choose between “quality” and “performance”:
  • The setting can be changed on the fly, without the need to restart the Oculus software or even remove the headset.
  • “Recommended Settings” are different and are based on the GPU

The test on the GTX 970 video card showed that this parameter was set to “Performance” by default, which was recommended. This parameter was also tested on the RTX 2070 video card, where they obtained the opposite result – by default, the setting was set to “Quality”.

Facebook was asked if this was done to maintain the same recommended specification as the original Rift, and a spokesman confirmed this. This setting did not exist on the original Rift model, which had a lower resolution than the Rift S.

What does she do?

This parameter changes the default buffer resolution of 1.0 x per eye for Rift S by requesting the SDK we found the exact values ​​it uses:

  • Quality Priority: 1648 × 1776
  • Performance Priority: 1504 × 1616

This, of course, is only the default resolution. Some games allow you to scale the resolution ratio in the menu. Many others use the Oculus SDK’s adaptive resolution feature, where the resolution scale automatically changes on the fly based on current GPU usage. In addition, you can use the Oculus debug tool to resize the resolution yourself.

If you have a low-power gaming PC, then you will want to use the Performance setting to maintain the frame rate. On more powerful computers, you must make sure that it is set to “Quality.”

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Oculus Rift S has a hidden resolution setting

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