Oculus released update 1.38 on its “public test channel“ to solve audio problems with “updated firmware to reduce display problems”.

Oculus Rift S has several changes compared to the original. Many of them are for the better, as is the new strap for increased comfort. Some features, such as sensorless tracking, triggered a debate on quality and convenience. Other solutions, meanwhile, are simply unpopular.

Sound seems to be one such area. Rift S replaces the original Rift’s excellent built-in headphones for a solution closer to the Oculus Go and Quest. So, next to the user’s two ears, there are speakers that allow you to hear VR applications without putting on headphones. We really like the solution on other Oculus devices, but users on reddit / Oculus have reported problems since Rift S started coming to them. There are many complaints about sound quality and volume (in particular, that the sound is not loud enough).

“Honestly, I knew that the sound quality would fall, but I did not expect it to fall so much,” one user wrote.

“This is truly one of the worst speakers I’ve ever heard, it’s a huge shame after the release of the Rift with its insanely high-quality speakers! Nevertheless, at least, your headphones are a way out of the situation, I suppose! ”

In fact, complaints were spread enough to trigger a response from the chapter on VR products, Nate Mitchell.

“We are working on updating the software that will improve the sound quality of the embedded audio system,” said Mitchell.

“The update will come as part of the monthly releases of the Rift platform. Stay tuned for more details. ”

Mitchell did not say exactly which monthly update will include a fix.

Meanwhile, some VR fans turned to alternative solutions to fix problems with the Rift S. audio system. Some people even used Mantis clip-on headphones, which were originally developed for PSVR.

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Oculus released an audio update for the Rift S due to complaints

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