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So, you spent your hard-earned money on a beautiful new Oculus Quest headset, and now you need amazing content to use for its intended purpose. The difficulty of the choice lies in what it is worth buying from the extensive range of games, so VRcue is in a hurry to tell you about the best games for Oculus Quest.

None of these recommendations will contain free content like YouTube VR, VRChat, PokerStars VR or Rec Room, as they are free, so they should be the first ones you download anyway.

What interests us are those games that are worth cash, as their cost varies from £ 7.99 to £ 22.99. There are several instantly outstanding games transferred from Oculus Rift, as well as some new original projects that were released exclusively on the day of the release of the virtual reality helmet

So, we present you the top 10 best paid games for Oculus Quest:

Beat Saber – £ 22.99

A very popular rhythm action game took the world of VR by storm over the past year and shows no signs of weakening. With loud music and exciting gameplay, Beat Saber will always have friends talking “one more time.” This is the same video game where you will work up a sweat, burn calories, and enjoy it at the same time.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – £ 7.99

This is not a video game, but the future of VR entertainment. Mixing cinematic design with interactive gameplay, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series sends you into the Star Wars universe between the events of the films Revenge of the Sith and New Hope. Although you do not have to be an avid fan to enjoy a roughly 50-60 minute experience. He literally fascinates you, especially when a lightsaber comes into play.

SUPERHOT VR – £ 18.99

Another project that has an avid fan base, similar to Beat Saber. SUPERHOT VR is one of those delightfully simple but attractive VR experiences. In fact, the first-person shooter (FPS), the trick here is that time moves only when you do something, allowing you to carry out all types of matrix dodging bullets.

Apex Construct – £ 14.99

One of the most popular archery simulators for virtual reality. Originally intended for the PlayStation VR, Apex Construct from Fast Travel Games did not seem to suffer from its port on the Oculus Quest. Somehow, the studio managed to squeeze all the action and the original game, while maintaining all the important functions of the bow. Great adventure for all players.

Robo Recall: Unplugged – £ 22.99

Another reason why VR FPS video games are the best is to look at epic games like Robo Recall when it came out on the Oculus Rift. All the actions that are shown in VR, whether shooting robots or killing hands, the version of Oculus Quest has not lost a single element, all it lacks is some visual accuracy of the original, which is available on the PC.

Journey of the Gods – £ 22.99

Studio Turtle Rock Studios has released two new video games for Oculus Quest. While Face Your Fears 2 did not enter this list, we decided not to overlook the stylish divine impression. Offering a great world to explore with fantastic creatures you can fight with with a crossbow, sword, and shield. The game still has caches that can be detected and the pumping system, which is learned after the murder of the first boss.

Moss – £ 22.99

Easily demonstrating that all VR content should not be first-person, the developer Polyarc released a charming third-person puzzle game with a small mouse called Quill. She doesn’t say anything, but she knows that you lead her, and you and Quill can only speak with each other in sign language. The studio has updated the video game specifically for the release of a new virtual reality helmet, adding additional content for players.

Creed: Rise to Glory – £ 22.99

Creed: Rise to Glory by Survios puts you in a movie where you will train with boxers like Rocky Balboa before heading to the ring. Another high-energy video game that definitely looks like a workout.

Shadow Point – £ 14.99

Shadow Point is a nice relaxing puzzle game that will tell you everything about light and shadows. Great for VR players who try technology for the first time, do not be fooled by cartoon-style design work, problems start easy, but become more complex as the gameplay develops. Plus there is an extra bonus with Sir Patrick Stewart carrying out the story telling, which is nice.

Job Simulator – £ 14.99

Finally, VRcue ends up with an old but important gaming experience. Owlchemy Labs Job Simulator supports almost every VR headset. The game is an experience that will tell you all about using your hands, everyone who loves VR should play it at least once. It is strange, funny, but very difficult to stop.

Oculus Quest: Top 10 best games to buy on the day of VR helmet release

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