Content is king, and the new one is more preferable.

With the new equipment there is always a promise of new and exciting content, which includes new lands to explore, new ways of playing, new visual pleasures for the eyes, new … well, basically everything is new and interesting. What is much less interesting is the echoes of old content.

Yes, we tried it before, and it was great, but the second time it is not so interesting. Facebook is preparing for a big year with the release of two new headsets in the near future, the most exciting of which is Oculus Quest. However, the content of the content is very sad. The reason for this is that, first of all, everyone is porting their old games, with very little fresh and original content.

When Oculus Rift came to the market for the first time, there were many interesting games to choose from, as one would expect, but for such a significant event as the launch of Oculus Quest, at least, there is still no such abundance of new content.

From the current perspective of a virtual reality game development studio (VR), I can fully understand the need to transfer your video game to a new system. There are high expectations on the shoulders of Oculus Quest. As a standalone device with external tracking function, the Oculus Quest is promoted as a user-friendly VR device that is accessible to large masses of users. Thus, porting your video game from Oculus Rift has a definite meaning. For example, games such as Apex Construct, Space Pirate Trainer, Robo Recall, Creed: Rise to Glory, Moss, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and I Expect You To Die. Although some of them are relatively new, some are already quite old, for comparison – would you buy a Tesla with a brown interior from the 70s?

We remember well that several new titles were announced, and there are only five of them: Sports Scramble, Shadow Point, Journey of the Gods, Dead & Buried II and Dance Central – Vader Immortal. They all look amazing, but we are talking about video games here and now. Of these, only Shadow Point and Journey of the Gods are of any interest – others are the sequel or dead franchise returned because Coatsink and Turtle Rock Studios have a decent history in VR.

With the launch date expected, we hope that Oculus will save the best for last, suddenly appearing out of nowhere with a barrage of VR content. Otherwise, why actually buy Oculus Quest on launch day? If you are a passionate VR fan, closely following Oculus news, then there is a high probability that you own Oculus Rift. So why would you want to buy a new headset for £ 400 GBP / $ 400 USD – albeit wireless? Not for playing video games that you probably already have, you want it for new products, right?

New users — especially those who are not so interested in VR — are probably not concerned about this issue, but are less likely to buy a headset on launch day, since they are not big fans.

The VR industry is filled with talented developers who have managed to solve all sorts of problems with technology, be it movement, reaching 90 FPS, learned not to make players nauseous, or simply make the experience more social. At such an important event in the video game world as the Game Developers Conference (GDC), which was held recently, you can see the quality of the current generation of VR.

Most likely, the fears are in vain and there is nothing to worry about. Just VR should become more common than it is now, and this should be achieved by promoting both hardware and software.

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Oculus Quest needs more original content, not more ports.

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