The long-announced Oculus update was officially released after its beta in February to bring expressive avatars with human facial expressions in the virtual realms. The update brings simulated eye movements as well as a revision of the lip sync and thereby generates more human-like micro-expressions in the face of the Alter Egos.

Oculus – Update for expressive avatars for Oculus eyewear now available

The update for expressive avatars was first announced on the Oculus Connect 5. Now comes the release for home environments and VR experiences to make virtual reality a bit more human.

With the new update the virtual Alter Egos receive a major overhaul to optimize their face thanks to various features. Sunglasses and witty features to cover the eye area are now a thing of the past. Instead of gadgets, real eyes now radiate from the faces of human representations, which also behave according to realistic conditions. With micro-saccades and ballistic glances, they will be following their counterparts in the future, thereby creating a more authentic sense of presence in the VR.

Image courtesy: Oculus

In addition, lip-synching has been reworked using a machine learning technology to translate the spoken words. As a result, the avatars now behave significantly more human-like in their speech behavior. Further, micro-face expressions bring additional realism into the simulated environment when speaking.

For individualists facial adjustments are possible to change eye color, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. according to your own wishes.

The new update is available for free for Oculus Rift and mobile devices, such as Oculus Go. The new avatars will be supported in the near future by numerous VR experience apps.

Oculus: New update brings expressive avatars

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