Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest news may have dominated virtual reality (VR) at the Facebook Developer Conference (F8) 2019, but there is something else that can be learned from this event. To continue promoting its Oculus for Business initiative, Facebook introduced a new program that includes Oculus Quest.

Enterprise use was an important part of the VR industry, with automotive, medical, and architectural companies only a few of the industries that used technology to improve the process in design, training, and sales.

Oculus for Business will expand the initiative to include a new stand-alone headset along with the Oculus Go, while the original Oculus Rift will be removed due to the completion of the device’s life cycle. It seems that Oculus for Business will only use these two headsets, without mentioning Oculus Rift S.

Along with the new equipment will be a new set of tools for companies that can use it for large-scale implementations, such as mobile device management, corporate user experience, plus dedicated service and support. Oculus also notes that “we also work closely with leaders in corporate IT and services to develop ways to integrate VR along with the workflows and services that businesses already use.”

Because of these additional features, Oculus for Business kits are rated differently. Available for bulk order, the 64GB version of the Oculus Go retails for $ 599 USD, and an entrepreneurial Oculus Quest will cost $ 999 for a version with 128 GB. When purchasing a set of Oculus for Business equipment, each will include a warranty with full access to the software and support for one year. As soon as this first year has ended, access to the software is provided for an annual fee of $ 180 per headset.

Oculus for Business was launched during Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) back in 2017 with the Oculus Go version released in 2018. Since then, many companies have begun to use VR, one of the most notable is Walmart, which uses 17 thousand Oculus Go in its stores after testing VR training and improving performance by 10-15% (according to Oculus).

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Oculus for business will receive a new functionality

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