Oculus has two VR headsets that run for $ 399 this spring. However, unlike the original Oculus Rift, you do not have to hold your breath in anticipation of price reduction in the near future.

Speaking at GDC this week, Oculus VR product manager Neith Mitchell said that Oculus Quest and the recently announced virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift S probably won’t get the same aggressive price cut as the first Rift.

“I hope we can reduce the cost of both of these products over time. Rift started at $ 599 for a headset, plus $ 200 for touch controllers, so the product cost $ 799 in total. And we were able to reduce this cost in the end. We probably will not be able to aggressively reduce the price of Quest and Rift S, but, of course, we hope that over time we will be able to reduce the cost of these products as well, ”said Mitchell.

Oculus was really aggressive with Rift prices, reducing the price of the headset and controller by more than half in less than three years. However, at $ 399, the Rift S costs $ 50 more than the current Rift, which it replaces. This news, no doubt, was a disappointment to many when the headset was announced.

Oculus Rift and Quest should be up and running over the next few months. Continue to follow the latest news on the updates from the virtual reality industry with VRcue.

Oculus: Falling Rift S prices and Quest will not be so “aggressive”

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