The update also includes free music content.

There is nothing here except a good rhythm game in virtual reality (VR), which allows you to agitate the blood and at the same time burn calories. However, it will be difficult to say how many calories you managed to burn in games Beat Saber or Audica. To do this, you need Synth Riders, which received an update this week with its own integrated YUR.FIT. Plus a bunch of new songs were added.

Last summer on Steam, Synth Riders, an 80s-style cyberpunk experience on Synthwave music, released early retros VR developer and publisher Kluge Interactive.

This week’s update adds full integrated integration with YUR.FIT- fitness software that tracks player calories and emphasizes the fitness benefits of a video game. Players will be able to see how many calories they have burned for each game session, as well as a total of weekly. A companion mobile app is also planned to help track progress.

In addition to YUR.FIT, Retrowave VR released the free music kit of five songs FiXT – a music label that specializes in independent electronic rock artists. Now the general official track list of Synth Riders has 21 tracks.

Full playlist FiXT Music Pack Vol. one:

  • * “Unshakeable” (Formal One Remix) from Celldweller
  • * “Enemy” (Gydra Remix) from Blue Stahli
  • * “Dust to Dust” (Zardonic Remix) from Circle of Dust
  • * “Wolves” by Voicians
  • * “Free” by Raizer

“We are very excited about our partnership with YUR. Players love the Synth Riders’ fitness benefits, which we continue to use by supporting them through exercise. This signals the beginning of what we consider to be a fruitful relationship aimed at pushing VR fitness to new heights, ”says Abraham Agüero, creative director of Kluge Interactive.

In addition to standard tracks, players can use the official map editor to create their own unique games. Synth Riders is compatible with the Oculus Rift / Rift S, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Valve Index headset. The game is available in the Oculus Store, Viveport and Steam.

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Now Synth Riders can count calories.

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