Nomadic announced the success of its first virtual reality entertainment center, which looks like an arcade game for VR. It offers VR-shooter Arizona Sunshine from Vertigo Games. And now Nomadic brought their brainchild to Asia.

A California company wants to become a mixed reality powerhouse. Mixed reality combines VR digital entertainment with physical places that are specific in themselves. Nomadic builds centers while Vertigo Games makes games.

Nomadic is located in America, Orlando, Florida, and will now open its entertainment center in South Korea by installing its technology inside the CGV Gangbyeon multiplex with 4DX support.

The company said it blurs the line between “virtual” and “reality,” creating gaming experiences that guests can feel when they take effect.

“Virtual reality is a global concept, and the Asian market, with its advanced gaming culture, is well suited for our company’s growth,” said Nomadic founder Doug Griffin in a statement.

“Our partner 4DX CGV has been developing, installing and supporting new technologies in movie theaters for many years, making them the ideal partner when we begin our presence in this region. The high-quality CGV venues demonstrate that they are constantly expanding the boundaries of what you can expect in entertainment venues. We are very pleased to launch our first point in the region with these two partners. ”

The new space will be located on the 10th floor of the TechnoMart building, and will occupy 2,000 square feet, which includes a reception area, equipment room, and a play area that, when launched, reproduces Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z, an experience developed by Vertigo Games in partnership with Nomadic.

“Nomadic, opening in CGV (Gangbyeon) for the first time in Korea, will become a game changer in the VR industry with multi-sensory effects provided by 4DX,” said Chong Ryul-Kim, CJ CGV’s chief innovation director, in a statement.

“CGV will continue to lead the cinema trend by integrating innovative technologies, including 4DX, ScreenX, and integrating VR into movie theaters.”

Nomadic also partnered with Area 15 in Las Vegas to open a new U.S. outlet in the city in early 2020.

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Nomadic brings VR to Asia

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