Nolo VR and Mediator show how to use PSVR for SteamVR

The solution is based on the Nolo CV1 absolute positioning kit and the iVRy software driver.

Nolo VR, in collaboration with Mediator Software, has published a tutorial that shows how to use the Sony virtual reality viewer to enjoy absolute positioning of the contents of SteamVR (or Oculus with ReVive). The solution is based on the new driver compatible with PSVR of iVRy, the software created by Mediator for the compatibility of other devices with the virtual ecosystem of Valve.

Basically the steps to follow are summarized in installing all the software (Steam, SteamVR, iVRy, iVRY DLC PSVR) and the required hardware (Nolo CV1 and PSVR) in our PC, which has to meet the minimum requirements of SteamVR. The Nolo CV1 device is the one that adds absolute positioning to the viewer and offers us two motion controllers, although we could skip this step to use PSVR as if it were a 3dof viewer.

The iVRy software can be tested for free with the lite version that is available. The premium version without restrictions has a cost of € 12.99. And as for Nolo CV1, the kit can be purchased for € 219.

It is not the first time that we see a similar solution, since it was already possible with TrinusVR, although at present it is the only one for PSVR that Nolo details on its website.

Nolo VR and Mediator show how to use PSVR for SteamVR

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