Poor Nintendo will probably never be free from speculation around her VR activities until she announces her own headset. The latest rumors suggest that this event may occur already this year.

The Nintendo World report cites several sources who state that Nintendo will announce the headset this year already. The report also states that a small number of games will be supported by a VR device. Nintendo then continued the report based on its own source. The site claims that the headset will become part of the Nintendo Labo line, which currently includes cardboard peripherals.

Labo was announced last year. This is a convenient product line for children, which allows you to create improvised controllers for specific games. This may mean that, according to rumors, the headset is not made of cardboard, but uses peripherals from a ruler to dive into digital space.

Although all of this looks like extremely dubious rumors, there are stories that support them. At the end of 2016, we reported that the company filed a patent application for a headset. It argued that users will be able to connect peripherals to it, like a smartphone. Last year, data was also discovered that there is ‘VR’ mode in the console.
Again, there is a lot of information that stands in opposition to this information. We have repeatedly reported that Nintendo executives are skeptical of VR. In fact, last year the company announced that Labo should not be the answer to VR. Also, the fact that the proposed VR helmet only has a screen with a resolution of 720p and there is no 6DOF tracking does not make it an ideal VR solution.

Of course, many users, including VRcue, would like this information about the existence of a VR helmet to be reliable. In addition, users have already tasted what Mario Cart can provide in terms of immersion in virtual reality. This proves that Nintendo can create amazing VR experiences that capture the minds of a huge number of gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts.

Nintendo Launches Switch VR Headset This Year

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