As it turned out not so long ago, Nintendo has been developing its virtual reality device for several years constantly confusing users with the fact that company representatives and its ideology as a whole spoke negatively about technology.

At first glance it might seem that the Japanese giant decided to ignore the “virtual reality train”, however, unexpectedly for everyone, he abruptly released the Labo VR Kit, which was a kit that included cardboard glasses and controllers for gaming in Switch.

But, as it became known from the words of Tsubasa Sakaguchi, the creator of Labo, the company initially conceived the creation of Labo.

However, Labo VR Kit does not cause much confidence among users. Switch itself is not able to provide a fairly good graphic component due to a fairly weak video chip and HD display, which is also divided into 2 parts. However, this is offset by the phenomenal talent of Nintendo to make really interesting games adapted for weak hardware.

So, Nintendo, which strongly discouraged the presence of a VR-project, still succumbed to the mainstream. However, succumbed in its own way. So it turned out cheap cardboard product that has an amazing filling, because A large part of the project budget was directed specifically at developing interesting content.

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Nintendo: Labo VR Kit is an experiment

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