Nintendo has been shy about its VR plans for the past few years. From direct denial of the fact that they are generally working on VR, to criticism of the current VR market. It seemed that they could not jump onto the VR train for a while. But the recent release of the Labo VR kit for Switch proves otherwise.

Apparently, it was a cunning plan for the company, according to the creator of Labo, Tsubase Sakaguchi.

“We actually planned all this from the very beginning … even in [оригинальном] the announcement, if you look at it, everything except VR glasses is included in the kit, ”says Sakaguchi.

We saw some really compelling mockups from fans about what the Switch VR headset might look like. And although the cardboard version is not exactly the same as their guesswork, it is clearly seen that Nintendo, at least, is investing in the concept of a new device. Now, modders can add things like extra peripherals that have been lost sight of for many years.

“VR in Nintendo has already been studied,” says Sakaguchi.

“We thought that combining it with a unique controller would make a product that is not like anything else … creating an entrance to the digital space, as well as physical feedback, elasticity of a rubber band or the wind you feel. It was like climbing a mountain with other team members … we knew where the target was at the top of the mountain, but we didn’t know how to get there. This was learned by trial and error. ”

We will need to see where Nintendo will take the VR with the Labo concept, or if they expand it to a classic headset made of plastic or something more durable, this device may become better in the future.

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Nintendo: Labo VR for Switch was “planned from the start”

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