We know that on a fundamental technological scale, it’s all about the little things. In the Nintendo Switch VR, the image is blurry, the tracking is primitive, and in general everything does not look very personal. But let’s try to find the pros in the content for the Nintendo Switch VR, which is still worthy of attention.

Since the device’s launch, the Labo VR library has grown in some amazing ways. Many of Nintendo’s largest games have added kit support anyway. If you are thinking about buying Switch VR or not for yourself, better take a look at this list of games for the platform.

Captain Toad VR

Of all the games that have received Labo VR support since its launch, Captain Toad VR seems to be the most decent. In this adventure game you must avoid dangers and solve puzzles. Small levels the size of a diorama look pretty charming inside the headset, and a simplified artistic style helps alleviate the negative effects of the 720p display. This game is convenient to play, although the rotation of the scene can be a little disorienting. However, the game is very short (four levels, each of which lasts no more than four minutes), and the experience will look much better with positional tracking. It is this experience of Switch VR that gives hope that Nintendo can one day deliver a more serious blow to technology and reach a higher level when it comes to virtual reality.

Rating: 6/10

Nintendo Labo VR Kit

A suite of software that comes with Labo VR itself. It includes a detailed step-by-step guide on creating each set of Labo and contains a bunch of mini-games that you can play later. Some of them, like bird games that remind you of Pilotwings, are completely insane, but a little funny. Many of them, however, are boring or disappointing. Some third-party platform games do not actually bring joy to VR, while games that use Joy-Con motion controls are incredibly difficult to use.

Nevertheless, the best games of the kit can guarantee a very extravagant appearance of the device, and the stimulation of the do-it-yourself technique makes the content unlike anything else in VR. If you have children to whom you want to show VR, this is not a bad start.

Rating: 5/10

Super mario odyssey

Rarely enough can you see that Nintendo imitates Sony, and not vice versa. But several VR levels offered by Super Mario Odyssey carry a small spark of enthusiasm from Astro Bot. You rush around three environments from the main game, made in the format of 360 degrees, performing a small number of tasks. Pretty nice to see the old and beloved by many

Mario’s friend in VR, especially when he gets close to the camera and smiles naively at your face. He probably thinks that you are suffocating at the sight of his courageous, puffy figure that came to life in VR, but in fact you are just relieved to see a friendly face between the sea of ​​pixels. The further you remove the camera, the stronger Mario recalls his 8-bit background. It can be difficult to understand what is happening, and as soon as you finally understand the level is over. Mario deserves his own full VR game to compete with Astro Bot, not this mini-app.

Rating: 4/10

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and many other legendary VR gaming franchises. If you want to play Metroid VR, then this is the closest thing you will get without an emulator. Unfortunately, this is a very bad VR debut. Smash Bros is one of Labo’s worst integrations. You can play single-player matches against AI or watch and control the camera. If you play, the scene seems so small that it is impossible to appreciate the 3D effect. The action, meanwhile, is developing too fast to keep up with it. It’s like watching from afar how a flock of very ferocious mice quarrels over cheese.

Observation is for some reason the preferred choice that allows you to zoom in and even go beyond the boundaries of a regular screen to see more scene space. But even then, platform restrictions will extinguish any spark of excitement in the very near future. Without position tracking and a clearer display, this is just a terrible experience.

Rating: 3/10

The Legend of Zelda VR

Who would have thought that Nintendo would ever be able to port The Legend of Zelda to VR. But playing this masterpiece with Labo VR is a real crime. If you turn your head to look around, you will find that the camera and the main character Link are one. You can only move the camera, as in the game, around our hero. This can cause seasickness attacks, and it really distracts from the freedom that players should experience in VR. Someone needs to seat developers and provide them with a long and instructive conversation about why this is the worst way they could implement VR.

Rating: 3/10

Whether or not to buy Nintendo Labo VR is up to you. However, with such a set of dubious content, we would recommend that you refrain from wasting enough money.

Nintendo Labo VR can ruin any virtual experience

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